13 Christian Bachelorette Party Ideas

engagement Mar 15, 2024
Christian bachelorette party

You’re either engaged or tasked with the responsibility of planning a Christian bachelorette party.

Congrats! Planning a bachelorette party is one of my favorite wedding-planning activities.

If you’re looking for some fun and holy Christian bachelorette party ideas, I got you covered.

I’ve attended my fair share of bachelorette parties before and after I surrendered my life to Jesus, so I’m sharing my top 13 Christian bachelorette party ideas.

I’m also sharing what NOT to do at a Christian bachelorette party if you want to honor God and the bride’s fiancé.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss Christian bachelorette party ideas, including:

  • My favorite things to do for a Christian bachelorette party
  • A weekend bachelorette party itinerary
  • 3 things NOT to do at a Christian bachelorette party


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Top 13 Christian Bachelorette Party Ideas

Christian bachelorette parties don’t have to be boring.

You can still celebrate the bride-to-be in a fun and holy way.

Below are my favorite activities to do at a Christian Bachelorette party.


1) Stay at a hotel or rent an Airbnb with the girls

You could enjoy a day and night out celebrating the bride-to-be, but booking a hotel or Airbnb is the best way to continue the celebration all night and all weekend long!

Destination bachelorette parties are so fun if your group is able to travel.

But bachelorette parties in your own city is also becoming a popular way to celebrate the bride on a budget!

Book a hotel or Airbnb for a night or two, and enjoy a staycation in your own city.

Sharing a hotel or house makes a Bachelorette party feel even more special.

Remember when you enjoyed staying up late talking at sleepovers when you were little?

The bride will cherish the memories of late-night conversations and early-morning brunches as she prepares to become a wife.



If you decide to host the Bachelorette party in your own city, I highly suggest booking a hotel room or Airbnb for at least two nights.

Most hotels and Airbnbs have a check-in time around 3 or 4 pm with a check-out at 10 or 11 am.

When setting up for the Bachelorette party, you’ll want extra time to decorate before the bride-to-be arrives.

The time goes by SO FAST when you only book a hotel or stay at an Airbnb for one night.

Another advantage to hosting a bachelorette party in your own city is that more people are likely to attend.

If the bride wants to do a destination bachelorette party, some ladies may not be able to afford the travel or be able to leave their families at home if they have kids.

If you’re not sure where to host the Christian bachelorette party, check out my favorite bachelorette party destinations to consider.

Wherever you decide to host the Christian bachelorette party, don't forget to decorate!

There are so many bachelorette-themed balloons, banners, and confetti to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Here are some of my favorite bachelorette party decorations.



2) Enjoy a spa day or get manicures & pedicure

What bride doesn’t want to relax before the big day?

Treat the bride to a massage or a pedicure, and enjoy the spa facilities to relax and unwind.

Planning tip: If everyone can't afford the spa, have the maid of honor take the bride to the spa or to get her nails done while everyone else helps decorate at the beginning of the bachelorette party.



3) Visit a winery

Wineries are the perfect place to visit for a bachelorette party.

Wine, ambiance, and some good food—nothing says a girls weekend like a winery.

Plus there should be tons of beautiful spots to take photos :)

Before planning a trip to a winery, make sure the winery has non-alcoholic options and food for any bachelorette attendees that don’t drink.


4) Sing and dance at karoake night

Does the bride like to sing or dance?

Reserve a private room at a karaoke bar, or look up karaoke nights at bars in the area.

Dueling piano bars can also be a great way to sing a long for a night out.

You can also enjoy your own private karaoke night & dance party in your own hotel room or Airbnb!


5) Have dinner at a nice restaurant or bar

Have a girls' night out and get dressed up and enjoy the town.

Enjoy dinner at one of the bride’s favorite restaurants, or enjoy a few drinks at the bar.

If you decide to go bar hopping, keep it classy and avoid drinking too much.

Planning tip: Have the bride wear white, and have everyone else dress in a certain color!

I've been to several bachelorette parties where the bride wore white & everyone else wore a black dress.




6) Go for a hike or attend a workout class

If the bride is a fitness buff, a group hike or workout class is a fun way to break a sweat during the day.

If you're traveling to a new city, a hike is a great way to sightsee and enjoy the outdoors.

I'e even heard of an entire bachelorette party running a 5K or race together.

Working out may be a bit much for some bachelorette parties, so check with the bride first before adding fitness to the itinerary.


7) Enjoy a pool day or hit the beach

Going somewhere warm?

Enjoy a pool or beach day with the girls!

Soaking up the sun is a great bachelorette activity to do during the day.

If your hotel or Airbnb has a pool, it’s a great way for everyone to relax in between all the other bachelorette party activities.

Some brides choose to dress in all-white for the pool or beach, while everyone else dresses in a certain color theme!

If you’re going to the pool, an inflatable ring floatie for the bride is a must.

The bride can lounge in the water, and use it as a photo prop!

Shop this inflatable ring floatie on Amazon



8) Rent a boat

This is one of my favorite Christian bachelorette party ideas to celebrate the bride-to-be!

For my bachelorette party in San Diego, we rented a private catamaran and sailed on the bay.

We had so much fun dancing, soaking up the sun, and taking in the views together.

Fun planning tip: Get matching tanks from Etsy to sail in style 😊




9) Enjoy a bachelorette game night

Playing fun and holy bachelorette games and opening gifts together is another one of my favorite Christian bachelorette party ideas.

While a lot of people choose to go out to bars at bachelorette parties, having your own game night in the hotel or Airbnb will create memories and laughter for years to come.

You can enjoy playing games in privacy, and not have to worry about having drunk guys around you ruining the vibe.

Not sure which games are appropriate for a Christian bachelorette party?

I'll be posting my favorite clean bachelorette games soon so check back here :)


10) Watch the bride open gifts

Spoiling the bride with some bachelorette gifts she can enjoy as a bride & newlywed is so fun.

Basically, the bride will love anything with “bride”, “wife” or Mrs. with her future last name on it.

And treating the bride-to-be to some sexy gifts she can enjoy as a newlywed is a must!

God created sex to be enjoyed between a husband and wife in marriage, so there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the bride with some sexy lingerie!

Planning tip: Every bride is different. Ask the bride if she wants to receive lingerie, and if she feels comfortable opening lingerie in front of the bachelorette party attendees.

Some brides invite their moms, mother-in-laws, or other family members to the bachelorette celebration and may not want to open lingerie in front of them.

If the bride DOES want to receive lingerie, ask her to create a gift wish-list.

You know how hard it can be finding intimates for yourself?

Make it easy on yourself and the bride by asking her to pick out lingerie she likes in her size and color.

The bride can create a wish list on Amazon by selecting the lingerie she wants.

Or have the bride create a google doc wish list, with links to the gifts she wants from each store.

Bras, underwear, and lingerie all fit differently, so whatever you get for the bride-to-be, make sure you give her a gift receipt!

If you don't feel comfortable gifting the bride lingerie, there are SO MANY other fun gifts she'll enjoy as a bride & newlywed.

Here are my favorite bachelorette gifts for the bride.


11) Brunch with the girls

Brunch with the girls is a must for any bachelorette party.

Enjoy going out for brunch, or assemble a few ladies to make brunch at the Airbnb or hotel.

If alcohol is okay for the bride, consider making a mimosa or bloody mary bar for ladies to enjoy.

During brunch, make it special by sharing marriage advice or a favorite Bible verse for the bride.


12) Pray over the bride-to-be

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give the bride!

Set aside some time to pray for the bride, her future husband, their marriage, and their wedding day.

Planning tip: Make sure you choose an appropriate time to pray. The best time to pray for the bride-to-be is in the morning or when ladies aren't consuming alcohol.

I’ve seen prayer done late at night after the game night, but it did not go well as the bride got emotional and it was kind of a buzz kill after all the fun games.

Choose a time to pray when people aren’t drinking.

Ask the bride if she is feeling worried or anxious about anything.

Ask her how she is feeling about sex on her wedding night.

As her friend or bridesmaid, you have a responsibility to pray for the bride-to-be daily.

While weddings are a joyful time, they can also be a STRESSFUL time.

And things don’t always go as planned.

When I was engaged, I faced a lot of family drama and disappointment as I planned my wedding during a national pandemic.

I faced so much spiritual warfare, that my bridesmaids even took turns fasting one week as they prayed for me and my family.

If wedding planning is more stressful than you thought it'd be, check out my blog post about how to trust God when wedding planning doesn't go as planned.

Don't underestimate the power of prayer for the bride-to-be!


13) Share marriage advice or a Bible verse for the bride

Have all bachelorette attendees share marriage advice or a scripture for the bride-to-be.

Everyone can write these on index cards or in a book, but I also recommend sharing these out loud as a group.

You can do this exercise in the morning before you pray, or at dinner or brunch if it’s not too loud.


Example itinerary for a Christian bachelorette party

Below is an example itinerary of how to spend a Christian bachelorette party in a fun and holy style.

This itinerary is for a Friday-Sunday bachelorette party weekend.


Day 1 – Friday

Morning/early afternoon:

Travel to hotel or Airbnb

If staying at a hotel, ask if you can enjoy the pool before checking in

Late afternoon:

Check-in to hotel or Airbnb

Maid-of-honor takes the bride to the spa or to get her nails done while the other bachelorette attendees decorate the hotel or Airbnb

Enjoy light snacks and drinks, and take photos


Enjoy a dinner out at a restaurant, or karaoke night


Day 2 – Saturday


Go for a hike or enjoy a group workout

Brunch at a restaurant or at the hotel or Airbnb

Share marriage advice or a Bible verse for the bride during brunch


Enjoy the pool, beach, the spa, or rent a boat

Or if you have another fun daytime activity, enjoy it in the afternoon after brunch :)


Enjoy bachelorette games at the hotel or Airbnb

Create a charcuterie board with heavy apps for dinner

Open gifts with the bride-to-be


Day 3 – Sunday


Pray over the bride-to-be

Brunch at the hotel or Airbnb

Check out of the hotel or Airbnb


As you can see, my ideal Bachelorette party weekend includes one night out, and one night in at the hotel or Airbnb.

I’ve attended bachelorette parties where we went out two nights in a row, and it was quite exhausting.

Designate at least one night of the weekend as a game night in at the hotel or Airbnb where you can enjoy games, dancing, and gifts in private with the group 😊

If your bachelorette party is only one night, consider planning a daytime activity on the first day before you check into the hotel or Airbnb to start the party.

One night goes by SO FAST, especially if you need time to decorate upon check-in.

So enjoy the pool or go to a winery before you check-in and begin the nighttime activities.

If the bachelorette party is only one night, I highly recommend enjoying games and gifts at the hotel or Airbnb instead of going out to bars.



3 Worst Christian Bachelorette Party Ideas

God tells us to eat, drink, and rejoice in the book Ecclesiastes in the Bible…

… but it’s important to celebrate in a way that honors God and the bride's future husband!

While you plan a fun and holy Christian bachelorette party, I recommend avoiding the 3 things below.


1) Going to a strip club or hiring a stripper

You may see movies where bachelorette parties celebrate at a strip club, but anything to do with strippers does not honor God or the bride’s future husband.

In Matthew 5:28, the Bible says that to even look at a woman with lust is considered adultery.

Even if the Bride doesn’t plan on touching the "entertainment", just looking at men in a lustful way is not pleasing to God or the bride’s fiancé.


2) Celebrating drunkenness

Bachelorette and bachelor parties are known for drinking and partying.

But you don’t have to get drunk to have a good time.

You don’t even need to drink at all if you don’t want to.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, it’s a personal choice between you and God.

I think it’s possible to drink alcohol in a fun and holy way, but it’s important not to get too carried away at a bachelorette party.

Since some Christians don’t drink at all, discuss whether and how much alcohol should be at the bachelorette party.

If the bride or some of the bachelorette party guests don’t drink, ask them if they are okay being around alcohol.

Offer plenty of water and nonalcoholic drinks to enjoy.

If you decide to have alcohol, avoid hard liquor or shots.

Ask the bride ahead of time what her limits are and if you can help keep her accountable to not get too drunk at her bachelorette party.

If you’re not sure how much you should drink, check out what the Bible says about drinking.


3) Flirting with other guys

When bachelorette parties go out, they get a lot of attention from guys.

Lots of men want to be around a group of good-looking ladies who want to have a good time.

If you decide to go out for dinner or out to a bar, be mindful of the guys around you.

Some guys may try and join your group, or dance with the bride-to-be.

And some guys may try to hit on the bride.

I don’t know why getting attention from guys is such a thing at bachelorette parties, but a Christian bachelorette party should avoid any type of male attention that stimulates lust or physical affection.

If you’re not sure what’s okay with other guys, ask yourself this question…

What would the bride’s fiancé think if he saw the bride right now?

Would her fiancé be happy with other guys hitting on her or trying to dance with her?

You can still go out to a restaurant or bar and celebrate.

But if you want to dance and have fun without worrying about guys hitting on your group, enjoy your own dance party in the privacy of your own hotel or Airbnb.


Christian Bachelorette Party Ideas – Summary

You CAN celebrate the bride-to-be in a fun and holy style.

Every bride is different, so ask the bride which activities she’d like best.

Summary of Christian bachelorette party ideas:

  1. Rent an Airbnb or stay at a hotel
  2. Enjoy a spa day or get manicures & pedicures
  3. Visit a winery
  4. Sing and dance at karaoke night
  5. Go out to a nice restaurant for dinner or to a few bars
  6. Hike or attend a workout class
  7. Brunch with the girls
  8. Enjoy the pool or hit the beach
  9. Rent a boat
  10. Enjoy a bachelorette game night
  11. Watch the bride open gifts
  12. Pray over the bride-to-be
  13. Share marriage advice or a Bible verse for the bride


Praying you have an amazing bachelorette party that is both fun and holy <3

If you want other tips and advice for planning a Christian bachelorette party, check out the best bachelorette party destinations and my favorite bachelorette gifts for the bride.

With Love,

Erin Elise Kiu