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Fun & Holy Books by Erin Elise Kiu

Do you want to read books that talk about how to live set apart for God in today's culture?

In a hookup world that tells you to "do what feels good", living for God is not easy for Christian women. Especially if you're single and trying to navigate the dating scene.

At Fun & Holy, I write books that help single women live set apart for God as they trust God with their desire for marriage.

And if you have a past like me, you are welcome here my friend.

I didn't grow up following Jesus, so my books address how to leave behind your past to discover the fun and holy life God created you to live.

💙 Erin Elise Kiu

books by Erin Elise Kiu

Trusting God with Your Love Story

A 6-Week Bible Study on Singleness & Dating

Do you want to discover the plans God has for your love life?

If you've been praying for a husband, discover how God is writing your love story in this new 6-week Bible study on singleness & dating.

Study God's design for love and marriage, and learn how to let God show you the plans and husband he has for you. 

Learn more about Trusting God with Your Love Story

One Transforming Love

A Contemporary Christian Fiction Novel

Are you struggling to live for God in this world?

Living set apart for God in this sex-saturated world is not easy.

This is my story of how God set me free from the hookup & party culture of this world.

If you're struggling with sex before marriage, or continue to date men that aren't good for you, One Transforming Love is the book for you.  

Learn more about One Transforming Love & get your copy!

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