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How to Put God First as Your Top Priority

spiritual growth Jun 23, 2020

What's Your Excuse for Not Putting God First?

We’ve all heard many excuses for why people don't put God first. And we may have given our own excuses for not making time for God or...

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Spiritual Goals for Spiritual Growth - How to Grow Spiritually

spiritual growth Jun 04, 2020

A lot of us say we want to grow spiritually or grow closer to God but we find ourselves doing the same things we’ve always done without any results. We may make an effort to spend more time...

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Fun & Holy: Called to be Fun & Holy as Followers of Christ

spiritual growth May 04, 2020

Growing up, I always wondered why church is boring and only went to church with my family. But after God woke me up and showed me who he really was, he showed me why giving my life to Jesus and...

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