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*A Christian Fiction Novel - Based on a True Story*

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Moving on from her past seemed impossible. Until she met the One who promised to give her a future.

When Aubrey moves across the country to San Diego to escape her past, she is hopeful that she can finally discover God’s purpose for her life and meet her future husband. She doesn’t know too much about God, but she is confident her new faith and her new city will help her leave her drunken mistakes and dating history behind.

As she settles into her new beach life, Aubrey meets Jake while watching dolphins play in the ocean. They instantly hit it off and it feels like fate, but soon, Aubrey begins to question Jake’s true intentions and lifestyle.

Is this the guy God has chosen for her? If this is the life God has intended for her, then why does she still feel so lost and alone, and why does she keep making the same mistakes?

Aubrey quickly realizes her past has followed her to her new city, and that going to church every once in a while isn’t good enough. After a few nights she’d like to forget, God shows her that she has a choice to make.

Aubrey can choose God and to do life his way, or she can choose to continue trying to find love and acceptance from the world.

Will she ever be able to move on from her past? Will she have the courage to surrender it all to God?

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What Others Are Saying About One Transforming Love...

Sarah F., Blogger at Navigate Open Waters

“It is one of the most relatable and relevant pieces of Christian fiction I have read because it conveys a realistic picture of a journey with Christ… It’s an excellent read for new and mature Christians alike, but especially important for young Christian women.”


“Wow! What a page turner, well-written, authentic testimony and love story of the transformation of a girl everyone can relate to and see themselves in. It is such a touching and beautiful story of true transformation, love, and friendship.”


“I love how the beautiful love of God transformed this woman's life! This reminds me a lot of my own story and how temptation would get the best of me at times… For those struggling with going ALL IN with the Lord, this book is for you!”


“This is not the typical love story of boy meets girl. This is girl meets God with passion and purpose.”


“Anyone that has questioned their bigger purpose and current place in life will be able to relate this book… This book is the perfect Christian novel beach read collaboration.”


“One Transforming Love is a beautiful story of God's redeeming grace, love, and patience while He waits on us to submit to a life following Him… If you're a reader looking for something a little different then your textbook fiction story, I think you'll find this novel to be something you enjoy.”

One Transforming Love by Erin Elise Kiu

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One Transforming Love by Erin Elise Kiu

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