Pursuing Purity: The Solution to Overcoming Sexual Sin & Walking in Purity

...Even If You Believe That It's Impossible to Stop Having Sex!

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I almost didn't surrender my life to Jesus because I didn't want to stop having sex...

...but God showed me that my sexual lifestyle was holding me back from the life he had for me, including my future husband.

So I surrendered my sex life to God. I made a commitment to stop having sex and to walk in purity.

I ended up stumbling in sexual sin for months. I tried to stop having sex and masturbating but I couldn’t stop. I thought it was impossible to stop having sex.

But God showed me what was holding me back from walking in purity and from overcoming my sexual past. He showed me all the things in my life that were still holding me back and how to truly walk in freedom in this area.

With the grace of God, he showed me how to finally walk in purity and gave me the strength to be free from my sexual past.

And 22 months later, I was able to have sex for the first time again on my wedding night with the Godly husband God brought me.

Purity is possible my friend and it is a big deal. I created Pursuing Purity to help you walk in purity and overcome your sexual past. I want you to live the life God has for you and to receive his blessings in your life, including your future husband.

Do you want to receive the blessings & future husband that God has for you?

Yes! I want to walk in purity! I want instant access to Pursuing Purity for $97

Pursuing Purity: Overcoming Sexual Sin & Walking in Purity 

Instant access to all 7 modules of the Pursuing Purity online course (Value $497)

Access to the Resisting Temptation Battle Plan Worksheet (Value $47)

Access to the Throw It Off Checklist (Value $27)

Access to the Renewing Your Mind Worksheet (Value $19)

Access to the Breaking Off Soul Ties Worksheet (Value $19)

Access to the Pursuing Purity Bible Reading Plan (Value $19)

BONUS: Free 40-Day Pursuing Purity Devotional ebook (Value $27)

Total Value: $655

Price Today: $97*

Yes! I want instant access to Pursuing Purity for $97

Are you ready to walk in purity?

In Pursuing Purity, I'm sharing the steps I took to walk in purity. I discuss all the things that were holding me back from overcoming my sexual sin and the key revelations God showed me to walk in freedom.

In Pursuing Purity, you will learn:

  • What the Bible says about sex, purity, porn and masturbation
  • What happens to our bodies during sex and how porn and masturbation can destroy romantic relationships
  • Why purity even matters and how to surrender your sex life to God
  • How to receive forgiveness from your sexual past and how to confess your sins to God
  • Where the power comes from to walk in purity and how to receive this power through the Holy Spirit
  • How to identify the things in your life that are holding you back from walking in purity and how to get rid of them
  • What a soul tie is and how to break them off so you can move on from past relationships
  • Why you need to renew your mind and how to break off lies or ungodly beliefs you’ve been believing about sex
  • How to resist temptation and how to fight back against the Enemy
  • How to create your own battle plan to resist temptation so you can overcome temptation in your life

How can I see what's inside Pursuing Purity?

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of all the modules and content in the course


Free Bonus: Pursuing Purity 40-Day Devotional 

With the Pursuing Purity Online Course, you'll also get the Pursuing Purity 40-Day devotional ebook for free. The devotional includes:

  • 40 devotions to help you resist temptation & walk in purity
  • Each devotion includes a bible verse, devotion and prayer
  • The devotional is organized by topic to help you walk in purity, with bible verses for different areas as you overcome temptation (Examples: Fighting the Enemy, Grace, Hope, Pure Thoughts, Shame, Strength, Self-control, Temptation, etc.)
  • The devotional is a downloadable ebook

The 40-Day devotional includes the bible verses & prayers I prayed the most as I learned to resist temptation and walk in purity.

Value: $27

Free with the Pursuing Purity Course

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pursuing purity devotional

Girl, I know walking in purity isn't easy. But it is possible & God will bless you for surrendering this area of your life to him.

I know giving up sex, porn and masturbation are hard. I know it's not easy to resist temptation and to get rid of things in your life that are holding you back.

I've experienced the blessings of God in my life as I walked in purity and I want the same blessings for you. A life where you can be free from your sexual past - a life where you can experience the fullness of God with the people God wants to bring into your life, including your future husband.

You can do this girl! I'll be praying and cheering you on every step of the way.

With Love,

Erin Elise Kiu, Creator of Pursuing Purity


Yes! I want to walk in purity! I want instant access to Pursuing Purity for $97

Still not sure if Pursuing Purity is for you?

If you are struggling with resisting temptation & want to walk in purity but are not sure if this course is for you, you can get a sneak peek of the Resisting Temptation video in the Pursuing Purity course & access to my 7-day Resisting Temptation devotional below for FREE

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