personal relationship with god
Spiritual Goals Worksheet
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Do you want to strengthen your relationship with God and discover the plans he has for you?

I didn't have a relationship with God for the longest time. I had grown up going to church and always knew that God existed - but I didn't know who God was or what I was supposed to do with my life.

All that changed when I started seeking a personal relationship with God. In this FREE Spiritual Goals Worksheet, I share examples of how I established & strengthened my relationship with God in 10 different areas

Once I had a personal relationship with God, he started to reveal the plans and purpose he had for my life and I'm believing he will do the same for you. 

Are you ready to strengthen your relationship with God & discover the plans he has for you? 

God promises to draw close to you when you seek him - let today be the day you take one step closer to God and the plans he has for you.

With Love,

Erin Elise Kiu

personal relationship with god
Yes! I want to strengthen my relationship with God & get the Spiritual Goals Worksheet for FREE!

What's Inside the FREE Spiritual Goals Worksheet?

  • 10 spiritual areas and disciplines for spiritual growth
  • Bible verses and an overview of each spiritual discipline
  • 46 example spiritual goals
  • Tips for goal setting success
  • Space to assess and write your own spiritual goals

How Will This Worksheet Help You Strengthen Your Relationship with God?

You'll learn how to identify and set your own spiritual goals, with a clear plan of how you will grow closer to God in 10 different spiritual areas.

Do you want to grow closer to God?

Do you want to grow spiritually? With the Spiritual Goals Worksheet, I'll walk you through 10 disciplines or areas essential for spiritual growth.

Learn how to set goals in each area with scriptures from the Bible and example goals.

Spiritual growth happens when you make God your #1 priority and when you set intentional goals. Learn my top strategies for setting spiritual goals to get the relationship with God you've been seeking.

Praying that as you draw near to God, he draws near to you like never before <3

With Love,

Erin Elise

Spiritual Goals Worksheet

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