Couple Summer Bucket List – 25 Summer Date Ideas for Couples

dating & relationships Jul 01, 2022
couple summer bucket list

 Looking for fun summer date ideas or want to make your own summer bucket list for couples?

Get ready for the ultimate couple summer bucket list, including fun and romantic summer date ideas and free summer date ideas that any couple can afford.

And if you’re single and are looking for summer bucket list ideas to do with your friends, who says you can’t do all these fun summer things with the girls?

Whether you’re headed on a first date, planning a fun date with your boyfriend, or planning a girls’ night, these summer bucket list ideas won’t disappoint.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 25 summer date ideas for couples, including:

  • Fun summer date ideas
  • Romantic summer date ideas
  • Summer date ideas for adventure lovers
  • Free summer date ideas

Couple Summer Bucket List Ideas – Fun Summer Date Ideas

Looking for a date idea that you can only take advantage of in the summer weather? Here are my favorite summer date ideas for couples.

Rooftop or Outdoor Movies

Movies in the park or outdoor movies are a must this summer.

Check your local city to see if they offer any movies in the park, or if they have any outdoor movie venues.

Whether it’s a drive-in movie theatre or a rooftop venue, outdoor movies take your typical dinner and a movie date to the next level.

Rooftop Cinema Club offers rooftop movies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York and Chicago.

Some movies in the park are even free, depending on the venue.

So plan ahead, grab a blanket to cuddle up in, and enjoy the show.

Outdoor Concerts

Nothing says summertime like an outdoor concert.

Whether you enjoy music festivals or country music, you’ll be sure to find a performer that you like in the summer.

Save the date and purchase your concert tickets now, and try some of the free summer date ideas below to save up some extra cash for the tickets.

Baseball Game

Summertime basically screams, “Take me out to the ballgame…”

Even if sports aren’t your thing, baseball games make for an overall fun date.

Food, drinks, sun, and even fireworks—what’s not to like?

Consider inviting a few other friends to turn it into a double date or group outing to make summer memories with your closet friends.

Just don’t forget to pack the sunscreen if you’re headed to a day game.

And make sure you look up what size bags or purses are allowed into the ballpark.

Beach Day

Summer would be incomplete without a few solid beach days.

Grab your beach gear, pack some snacks, and post up at your favorite beach for the day.

Invite a few of your closest friends if you want to turn it into a fun beach day for everyone.

Don’t forget your speaker and favorite beach games to make it a beach day you’ll never forget.

And if you're a book lover like me, pack one of these Christian dating books to learn how to be more intentional in your relationship.

Take a Road Trip

While it’s always fun to vacation together, day trips during the summer are a great date idea if you can’t afford to travel during the summer.

Pick a town or city less than a few hours away, plan to get up early one day, and hit the road.

Pack your favorite snacks, download your go-to playlist, and enjoy sightseeing along the way.

Pretend like you’re a tourist and try out all of the coffee shops, ice cream places, and restaurants that your heart’s desire.

And double points if you turn off email and social media for the day to be extra present with your date on your mini-staycation.

Summer Festivals

Summer is full of festivals, festivals, and more festivals.

Depending on where you live, you can find festivals for just about anything.

From food, music, art, and even booze—you’re sure to find a festival you like in your city this summer.

Spend a Day at the Zoo

Who says the zoo is just for kids? Be a tourist for a day and unleash your inner kid with a day at the zoo.

Enjoy seeing all the animals that you enjoyed when you were little, and don’t forget to savor all the food and treats as you gawk at the lions and elephants.

Play Tourist at a Local Museum

When was the last time you went to a museum or an exhibit in your own city?

If it’s too hot to be outside all day in your city, enjoy the air conditioner and learn something new with your date at a museum.

Some museums may even have days of the week with discounted or free admission, so check out the museums’ websites to see if they offer any summer deals.

Enjoy Some Ice Cream

Ice cream date nights are a must in summer.

Enjoy a scoop of your favorite ice cream on the beach or while watching the sunset.

And the best part about eating ice cream on a date?

Order two different flavors and enjoy tasting both of them.


Nothing says summer like the smell of a bonfire.

Grab the firewood and the s’mores fixings and get cozy with your date by the fire.

Or if you want to make it a gathering, call up your friends and enjoy catching up over the flames.

Whether you’re on the beach or in your own backyard, bonfires have a way of making you slow down and enjoying the conversation with those loved ones around you.

Watch the Fireworks

Whether it’s the 4th of July or a special night out at a concert, enjoy the fireworks show with your date.

Many cities host special fireworks shows during the summer for the 4th of July, so plan out your favorite spot and enjoy the show.

Farmer’s Market

One of the best things about summer? All the farmer’s markets that offer local produce and the best local eats!

If you enjoy cooking, try a new recipe and shop the market for your produce.

Or if your both foodies, enjoy trying all the food vendors and food trucks that sell food at the farmer’s market.

Couple Summer Bucket List Ideas – Romantic Summer Date Ideas

Looking to plan a cute or romantic summer date? Set the mood with one of these romantic summer date ideas.

And if you're worried about letting things go to far, check out how to set physical boundaries so you're prepared to handle the more romantic settings.

Sunset Picnic

If you’re planning a romantic date, you can’t go wrong with a picnic at sunset.

Head to your favorite park or beach and woo your date with the sunset.

Pack your own picnic or meal to go, or grab carry out from one of your favorite restaurants.

Did you know you could also hire a picnic company to set up your picnic for you?

If you’re planning a proposal or celebrating something special, let someone else do the work for you and enjoy the surprised look on your date’s face when you show up to the designated spot.

Depending on where you live, don’t forget a blanket to sit on, and an extra blanket if it gets chilly.

And don’t forget to pack a speaker to set the mood with some music. Cue Michael Bublé anyone?

Sunset Cruise

Any date that involves the sunset is pretty romantic, but throw in a boat and some champagne and you have one of the most romantic summer date ideas you could have.

Depending on where you live, you can buy tickets for a sunset cruise on a larger boat, or rent your own boat for more privacy.

Some boats allow you to purchase drinks and alcohol, but do your research to find out if you can bring your own drinks and snacks on board.

If you live in San Diego, check out the Gondola Company for one of the most romantic sunset cruises you’ll ever find.

You’ll have your own private gondola, with a captain to paddle you through the canals of Coronado.

My husband and I did this for our anniversary, and he surprised me with champagne and a cake tasting box that we enjoyed when we were planning our wedding.

Take a Dance Class

Learning a new dance makes for both a romantic and fun summer date night idea.

Look up dance studios in your area and see if they host dance lessons for beginners.

Whether you enjoy country two-stepping, salsa dancing, or ballroom, learning a new dance together will make memories to remember this summer.

Explore a Winery

If you’re a wine lover, try visiting a new winery or go wine tasting at your favorite restaurant.

There’s something about wineries that set the perfect ambiance for a date.

Enjoy taste testing new wines, or take a tour through the vineyard to take in the scenery.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

What’s more romantic than a hot air balloon ride with your date?

If you haven’t noticed from the other romantic summer date ideas, you could plan a hot air balloon ride at sunset to make it even more romantic.

While the cost of a hot air balloon ride will be more than your average date night out, if you are celebrating something special or want to impress your date, it’s worth it if you can splurge.

And if you’re planning a proposal, popping the question during your hot air balloon ride is always an option.

Dinner on a Rooftop

Rooftop dining has to be one of the best parts of summer.

When I lived in Chicago, when the rooftops opened up, it was like the entire city came outside to experience it.

And now in San Diego, even though we are spoiled with rooftop dining year-round, enjoying drinks or dinner on a rooftop is still an essential summer date night.

Make reservations for appetizers or dinner at your favorite rooftop, or grab drinks at a few rooftops to create your own rooftop bar crawl.

Couple Summer Bucket List Ideas –Date Ideas for Adventure Lovers

Prefer to do something active or try something new on a date? Try one of these summer date ideas for adventure lovers.

Paddle Board or Kayak

If you live near a body of water, rent a paddle board or kayaking and get in a work out on your date.

Soak up the sun, explore a river, or enjoy seeing new wildlife as you paddle through the water.

And you don’t need to live near a lake or beach to enjoy these water sports.

You can even rent a kayak in New York or in Chicago—so even if you live in a big city, you may be surprised how many places offer paddle board or kayak rentals.


Exploring new trails on a hike makes for the perfect summer date. Enjoy the outdoors while having lots of time to talk and get to know each other.

Just make you sure you pack plenty of water and snacks if you plan on embarking on longer hikes.


Want to explore a new area with your date? Cover more ground and take in the sights on a bike ride.

Even if you don’t own your own bike, look up bike rental shops in your area and plan out the best spots that you want to explore in your area.

Helicopter Tour

Who says that helicopter tours are just for vacation? If your local city offers helicopter tours, surprise your date with a view and summer date they will never forget.

Helicopter tours are one of the more pricey date ideas on the couple summer bucket list, but if you’re celebrating something special, the views will be worth it.

Visit a National or State Park

If both you and your date love a good adventure, look up a state or national park nearby, and hit the road.

Do all the things you love—biking, hiking, and even camping—at once as you explore some of God’s most beautiful creations.

If you plan on exploring lots of national parks this summer, consider getting the annual park pass to save some cash.


If you enjoy the outdoors, camping is one of the must dos on the couple summer bucket list.

Plan a road trip that you want to do with your date, and see if there are any campsites nearby.

Enjoy sleeping under the stars and getting away from work as you unplug in nature.

And if you plan on sharing a tent, learn what the Bible says about sex before marriage, and consider traveling with a group or sleeping in your own tent.

Couple Summer Bucket List Ideas – Free Summer Date Ideas

Looking for free summer date ideas or cheap date night ideas on a budget? Check out these couple summer bucket list ideas to save some extra cash this summer:

  • Hiking
  • Festivals
  • Beach day
  • Watch the sunset
  • Biking (if you own a bike)

How to Make Your Own Summer Bucket List for Couples

Now that you have several ideas to choose from when making your own couple summer bucket list, how do you decide what to do?

You could do ALL of these summer date ideas, but you may not have enough time (or cash) this summer to do all of them.

When making your own couples summer bucket list, consider the following:

  • Each of you rank your top 5 summer bucket list ideas. Compare which date ideas are both in your top 5, and do those first.
  • Discuss if you want to set a budget for your couples summer bucket list, and if so, how much you are willing to spend on fun summer date ideas.
  • Look up the dates and days of the week of date ideas you really want to do. Plan all other date ideas around the dates that only happen on certain days of the summer.
  • Take turns choosing which date to go on and planning it.
  • Determine which summer date ideas could be turned into a double date, or group outing. Invite a few other friends, and enjoy making new summer memories with your date and your closest friends.

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