Do you want to navigate dating & singleness with other single women in community?


You've been praying and asking God for a husband.

You want to get married, and some days you wonder why you're still single, or why God is taking so long.

As friends get married around you, you can't help but feel overlooked, or like God has forgotten about you.

And sometimes, you may feel left out or not as valuable in the Church.

How come the Church doesn't have as many resources for singles?

And how can you learn how to be content in singleness while preparing your heart for marriage?

If you feel like you don't fit in anywhere as a single woman, you're not alone.

You do matter, and you belong right here.

If you're looking to join a community with other single women, this is for you.


Join the Group Bible Study


A group Bible study for single ladies

Because single ladies need community too.


You don't have to navigate singleness & dating alone.

God created us to be in community and to encourage one another, and I don't know about you, but when I was single I needed A LOT of encouragement.

If you want to go through the Trusting God with Your Love Story Bible study with other single ladies in community, then the Fun & Holy Tribe is for you.

In the Fun & Holy Tribe, you'll go through the Bible study as a group, including:

  • 7 weeks of live zoom calls to discuss and connect with other single ladies
  • Group community calls are hosted by the author of Trusting God with Your Love Story, Erin Kiu

This is the only group Bible study for single ladies that offers face-to-face community online. 

No prerecorded videos or overcrowded Facebook groups here.


The Fun & Holy Tribe group Bible study discussions will be held on:

Wednesdays from 4 - 5:30 pm PST

The first group discussion starts on 3/8 and the last discussion will be held on 4/26 (no discussion on 4/5)

7 group discussions total


Join the Group Bible Study in the Fun & Holy Tribe


This group Bible study will help you...

  • Understand how God defines love, and how to know when you're in love
  • Overcome insecurities, rejection, and fear when it comes to dating
  • Wait on God’s timing for marriage, even when you feel like giving up
  • Embrace being single as you prepare to meet your future husband
  • Pursue healing and freedom from past relationships with men
  • Have confidence as you step out in faith to date and meet other single men
group Bible study for single ladies
Join the Group Bible Study

What ladies are saying about  the Group Bible Study in the Fun & Holy Tribe...


“I feel less alone knowing that many Christians of all ages are going through this same season and facing similar challenges. I also feel more positive and hopeful that there is someone out there for me.”


"Women sharing their stories made me realize I’m not alone, also hearing testimonies encouraged me.”


“Thank you for everything. It was amazing and I just wish it wasn’t over.”


"Trusting God with your Love Story gave me the tools and steps to allow God to heal my broken heart and to no longer believe the lies that I was previously believing... Going through this study in a small group gave me the ability to have discussions on topics that everyone was thinking but hadn’t yet had an opportunity to openly discuss. I highly recommend that you purchase this study and either do it in a group setting or on your own. For me it helped to redirect my thoughts on singleness, being in a relationship and marriage. I can honestly say that I love my life now. I’m accomplishing so many dreams and have gone through the healing so that when I step into a relationship I am ready. If you have had any relationship trauma this is the Bible study for you!"


"I am so blessed to have bought this book & joined the Bible study. It was a beautiful and transforming process into becoming who God created me to be! It allowed me to let go of old mindets and limiting beliefs, gain more insight & confidence around embracing my singleness, dating and future marriage! I was so stuck in a pattern of unworthiness & lack of confidence that I was in my own way and once I let go and stepped out of my own way blessings came! I am now dating a man I reconnected with and excited for what this new year has to offer! God is so faithful. I am confident I WILL see His goodness & faithfulness in the land of the living this year & trust His timing. ❤️

Erin is so loving, wise, understanding and inspiring! She is a wonderful role model for women! I am so thankful for her!"

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This Bible study is for you if...

You want God to show you the plans & future husband he has for you.

You want to learn how to navigate dating & singleness with other single women in community.

You want to make the most out of being single as you trust God's timing for marriage.

You want to be encouraged & pray with other single ladies.

You want to have more confidence in yourself & who God created you to be.

You want to learn how to pursue dating & marriage in a way that honors God.

You want God to guide you & show you how to put yourself out there when it comes to dating.

You want to study what the Bible has to say about love, marriage, and relationships.

You want to have peace about being single, instead of worrying about your future.

You want to surrender your plans & love life to God.

You've read all the other Christian dating books out there, and need a reminder that God is writing your love story <3

Join the Group Bible Study
Read a sample from the Bible study

Want just the Bible study book?

If the Group Bible Study isn't a good fit for you right now, you can always go through the 6-week Bible study on singleness & dating, Trusting God with Your Love Story, on your own or with a friend.

Learn more about the Bible study or purchase a copy of the book

FAQs About the Fun & Holy Tribe

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I used to think that going out to the bars and sleeping with men was the way to find a husband. But after experiencing years of heartbreak, being ghosted on dating apps, and lots of Friday nights crying on my couch, I realized my approach to dating wasn’t working.

It would take a miracle to find my future husband. And I knew someone who specialized in miracles.

Surrendering my love life to God wasn’t easy, but God showed me areas of my life that were holding me back. He gave me strength to let go of people from my past. And God restored every broken piece of my heart that men had shattered over the years.

After a season of singleness, I started to like this guy at church. I prayed and asked God to confirm whether he could be the one, and I prayed that this guy would ask me out.

But 9 months went by and I started to think this guy wasn't the one. And I started to question whether God could really bring me my husband.

Why would I like this guy for so long if he wasn't the one? And why wasn't God moving?

As tears fell down my face, I told God I couldn't get my hopes up anymore. It hurt too much holding on to hope when this guy still hadn't asked me out. I wanted to give up, but I knew God was faithful. If his Word said that he would grant the desires of my heart and that he would provide my every need, then God would do it.

About a few months later, the guy I had liked for an entire year asked me out. And 9 months later, we got married.

God brought me a godly husband who was more than I ever prayed for and imagined. But trusting God's plans and timing for my love story was not easy.

Navigating singleness, dating, and sex is tough, especially if you have a past like me. But God really does work all things for good.


Which is why I wrote a Bible study that will remind you that God is writing your own love story...


Learn more about Trusting God with Your Love Story


Hi! I'm Erin Kiu. I encourage single women not to give up on the plans (and future husband) God has for them.


God answered my prayers for a godly husband, and I'm praying & believing that God will answer yours.

When I was single, I wanted more resources to help me navigate singleness and dating in a way that honored God. (Especially resources that weren't afraid to talk about sex & the messy parts of life before becoming a Christian.)

But I struggled to find Christian resources for single ladies that would encourage women to make the most out of being single while still believing & trusting God for a husband.

Which is why God put it on my heart to write Trusting God with Your Love Story: A 6-Session Bible Study on Singleness & Dating.

A Bible study just for single ladies.

Because singles need love too.

I can't wait to hear how God speaks to you through this Bible study.

If you've loved the prayers in the 14-day future husband prayer challenge, or the encouragement from the weekly Fun & Holy emails, you will love this Bible study.

And if you want to know more about my testimony & how God transformed my life before I met my husband, read my testimony in One Transforming Love.

Do you want more advice & encouragement as you trust God with your husband?

Follow me on Instagram for more dating tips & weekly encouragement :)

With Love,

Erin Elise Kiu

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