How to Share Your Faith This Christmas

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how to share your faith this Christmas

How to Share Your Faith With Others this Christmas | How to Share the Love of Jesus

As Christians, we know it’s a privilege to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. It’s Jesus’ birthday and we love celebrating all month long.

But in addition to celebrating the birth of our savior, did you know that you also have a responsibility to share the love and truth of Jesus with others around you?

Did you know that you have a calling to evangelize, to share the gospel with others who need to know Jesus?

As you shop around searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you already have the perfect gift inside of you to share with others. You have the love and presence of Jesus that so many people desperately need this time of year, especially in 2020.

There are so many people in this world that don’t know Jesus yet and Christmas is a perfect season to invite others to receive Christ.

Did you know that people are more open to going to church this time of year compared to other times of the year?

God needs you to be bold this Christmas. It’s time to trust God to move and to invite others to receive the best gift of all this Christmas, the love of Jesus Christ.

Trust God to Guide You

So how do you go around in the holiday hustle and bustle and talk about Jesus without sounding awkward?

Can you just ask the woman in front of you in the check out line if she knows Jesus as her Lord and Savior?

Can you ask her if she knows where she is going when she dies? Well, you can, but that may not go over too well.

When sharing your faith with others that you don’t know very well, the goal is to bring up your faith and Jesus naturally in conversation and share about your own experience with Jesus.

The key to evangelizing or sharing the gospel with others is to pray and trust God to guide you through the Holy Spirit. For every person you meet and every conversation you have, remember that God is with you, guiding you and will give you the words when you need them.

“…for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said.” – Luke 12:12

Trust God to give you discernment, showing you when to boldly talk about Jesus and when to back off.

When you do engage someone in conversation and bring up Jesus, pause and see how the person reacts.

Some people will be curious and ask more about your church or your story. Some people may change the subject and make it clear they aren’t interested in talking about Jesus and just want to finish their “Christmas” shopping.

If people seem closed off, don’t force it. Pray and trust that God will soften their heart and bring more opportunities for them to receive the love and truth of Jesus.

But if people are interested in talking about your faith, you can ask questions to get to know them better. Ask if they go to church. Ask if they have a relationship with God.

If they seem particularly interested, you can even invite them to attend your church.

Trust that God will guide you. We cannot lead people to Jesus in our own strength. It’s the power and love of the Spirit inside of you that will guide you and give you the strength and knowledge to share your faith.

To help you initiate conversation with someone, try one of these six conversation starters below to bring up Jesus and your faith naturally in the conversation.


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6 Conversation Starters to Bring Jesus into Any Conversation at Christmas

1) What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

When it’s your turn to share, mention that you are excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with your friends and family. Talk about the big Christmas dinner your family hosts. Talk about the Christmas musical or play at your church.

Talk about how you celebrate Jesus with your loved ones. Talk about how you go to church every Christmas Eve or how your church group has a Christmas cookie showdown.

2) If God could bring you anything this season, what would it be?

A person may mention a physical, tangible gift but they may also mention something that cannot be wrapped and placed under a tree.

Christmas and the holidays can be a reminder of loss and can bring up a lot of emotions for people. Trust God to guide you and offer to pray for someone to receive the one thing that they would like for Christmas.

Pray for them to feel peace and love if they are struggling with loss. Pray for them to receive Jesus if Jesus is the one thing they desperately need this season.

If you are single and are praying to God for your future husband this Christmas, check out my blog post, How to Have Joy Being Single at the Holidays, to have more joy being single this holiday season as you wait on God to bring you your man of God.

3) How do you celebrate Christmas every year? What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Similar to #1, talk about your favorite Christmas traditions and make sure you mention God. Talk about the gatherings you have with your friends and small group from church.

People desperately need both Jesus and community this time of year and talking about the community you have at your church may be the initial reason someone wants to come to church.

Some people don’t have many friends or family to celebrate with and you can show them that they can have a loving community with others as they celebrate Jesus.

4) Do you have a church to attend this Christmas?

This question is a bit more bold than the others but if you feel prompted, go for it. Remember, people are more likely to attend church this time of year so don’t underestimate the power of an invitation.

Extend an invitation to attend your church and pray that God will put it on their heart to attend.

If your church is still closed, extend an invitation to join you as you watch church online.

5) How can I pray for you this holiday season?

Even nonbelievers appreciate prayers. They appreciate the gesture and the thought that you would offer to pray for them.

If God leads you, you can even offer to pray for them right there in person on the spot. Praying over someone in person is so POWERFUL!

Praying in person shows you are serious and that you didn’t just ask if they needed prayer to be nice.

One time I offered to pray for someone I had just met in a bridal shop. While she was helping me in and out of the gorgeous wedding gowns, we made enough small talk where I could tell she felt lonely and didn’t have God or true friends in her life.

At the end of our appointment, I offered to pray for her. She was open to it but was so surprised. I could tell by her reaction and posture that she actually did not know how to pray.

My heart and Spirit swelled as I instructed her to close her eyes, open her hands and receive the prayer. After I prayed, she had tears in her eyes and we hugged it out before I left the shop.

Some people have never been prayed over. Some people do not know how to pray out loud.

Prayer is powerful. When you pray over someone, you are spreading the love and presence of Jesus inside of you by letting them experience it for themselves.

6) What’s your favorite Christmas carol or favorite Christmas movie?

These are more fun questions to ask that can bring up Jesus in a natural way. If you ask these questions, make sure you have a Christmas song and Christmas movie about Jesus already picked out to share.

Even if your favorite song really is Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You, choose a song about Jesus as your runner up and mention that one. Joy to the World. O Come All Ye Faithful. Silent Night.

And all the Christmas movies! I spend hours every Christmas making sure I watch all my Christmas movies. While the Elf and Home Alone are great classics, I have a new favorite Christmas movie that tells the story of the birth of Jesus.

I watched The Star with my niece and nephew last year and we all loved it. It’s an animated movie that will make you laugh and cry as it shows the birth of Jesus.

While Elf may really be your favorite Christmas movie, mention The Star instead and be ready to explain what the movie is about and how awesome it is for all ages.

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Be Bold & Listen to the Holy Spirit

As you engage in conversation, be bold and listen to the Holy Spirit. Be expectant for God to show you what the person needs.

God may guide you to ask someone if they want to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior and lead them through the sinner’s prayer.

God may guide you to pray for them and pray for a miracle or for them to be healed from sickness or a disease.

The Holy Spirit may give you a word of knowledge or prophecy for them that he wants you to share with them.

God may also prompt you to share your own story with someone, your testimony, by sharing what God has done for you and how Jesus has changed your life.

Share the Love of Jesus Through Your Actions

We don’t always have an opportunity to use our words to invite someone to receive Christ. Sometimes our actions, behavior and life set an example of the love of Christ.

We may know a coworker or a neighbor for years but have never had an opening to talk about God. But over time, they should notice that there is something different about you by the way you do everything with love.

We can talk about Jesus all we want but if we don’t model or show that love through our actions, our words aren’t going to mean anything.

Pray and ask God how you can demonstrate the love of Jesus to others this Christmas.

Maybe it’s donating gifts to a local toy drive. Maybe it’s offering to cook Christmas dinner for the elderly couple down the street.

Maybe it’s apologizing and forgiving a friend from a previous conflict. Maybe it’s giving a $20 to the homeless man you walk past every day on your way to work.

You can always give a friend or a stranger a simple gift to remind them of the love of Christ, like these Christmas bookmarks.

Showing the love of Jesus Christ in action can be the most powerful way for someone to receive the love of Jesus this Christmas.

Spread the Love

Who has God already put on your heart to share the love and truth of Jesus with this Christmas? Who does God want you to invite to church this year?

Be bold and share the best gift of all with others this year, the gift of love and salvation from Jesus Christ.

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