How to Find a Husband & 10 of the Best Places to Meet Your Husband

dating & relationships Mar 25, 2022
how to find a husband

Are you wondering how to find a husband or the best place to meet your future husband?

Have you been praying and telling God, ‘I want a husband, but I don’t know how to get a husband. Where is he and when will we meet?’

If you’re single and have been looking for a husband, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we will talk about where to find a husband, including:

  • How to trust God on the journey of finding a husband
  • 5 things to keep in mind when looking for a husband
  • Where most women find their husbands, and how most couples meet
  • How to find a husband after 35, or at any age
  • A prayer to find a husband

How to Find a Husband – 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Husband

1) Pray and surrender finding a husband to God

God already knows who you are going to marry, so it’s important to pray and surrender your desire to find a husband to God.

He knows exactly how you’ll meet your husband, where you will find your husband, and when you’ll get married.

But how do you get a husband from God?

Like it talks about in Matthew 6:33, God promises to provide our every need, which includes a future husband, when we seek God first and live righteously.

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need." - Matthew 6:33 NLT

Just like everything else in your life, you can trust God to bring you a husband as your Heavenly Father and provider.

If you haven’t surrendered your desire to find a husband to God, join the free, 14-day future husband challenge for daily prayers and devotions to pray as you learn to trust God with your future husband.

The 14-day challenge includes several prayers you can pray to find a husband and other prayers that will bring you peace as you look for a husband.

2) Know what type of man you are looking for

When you are looking for a husband, it’s important to know your standards and what type of man you are looking for.

You may be telling God, ‘I want a husband’, but you don’t deserve just any husband. You deserve a man of God as a husband.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve just because you want to get married so bad.

If you want to find the husband that God has for you, it’s important to find a man that you will be equally yoked with, or on the same page spiritually, and it’s important to find a husband who has the characteristics of a godly man.

3) Be confident in who you are as a single woman

If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, you already know that rejection is part of dating.

You aren’t going to marry every guy you go on a date with, and you aren’t going to get asked out by every cute guy you have your eye on.

Getting rejected is part of dating, but it’s up to you to take it personally, or to handle it in a healthy way as you continue the quest to find your husband.

If you are serious about finding a husband and putting yourself out there, you have to be confident in who you are and who God created you to be.

Rejection will come, but when you’re confident in who you are, you won’t let it get to you.

You’ll be able to keep putting yourself out there knowing that the husband that God has for you will see you for who you are.

Confidence is sexy, and when your future husband sees you being your true self, he will be more attracted to you and want to pursue you.

4) Step out in faith to meet more men

If you have been praying and wondering how to find a husband, it’s important to do your part in step out in faith to meet eligible single men.

You can’t expect God to bring your husband to your doorstep, and part of waiting on God for a husband is putting yourself out there and stepping out in faith.

We talk about several places to find a husband below, and as you read through, pray and ask God to show you if you should pursue something specific to position yourself to meet your husband.

5) Trust God to guide you as you look for a husband

As you step out in faith to meet other single men, it’s important to continue to let God you on the dating journey as you look for a husband.

Trust God to guide you through your Holy Spirit and for God to confirm whether someone is the one God has for you, or reveal the signs that he's the one.

You may go on lots of dates, but not every guy you meet is going to be your husband, so it’s important to continuously pray and seek God.

How to Find a Husband & Where to Find a Husband

If you’ve been praying and telling God, ‘I want a husband’, and asking him ‘how to get a husband’, ask God to show you where you will meet your husband, and how you can position yourself to meet him.

You can’t expect to find a husband if you don’t meet any new people at your work or local church.

So how can I find a husband? And where is the best place to find a husband?

According to a study conducted by (“The Knot survey”), the majority of couples meet online, or through mutual friends.

The Knot survey found that about one in every four couples meet online, and about one in five couples meets through mutual friends.

To put this into perspective, if a group of ten couples were standing in front of you, this means that two or three couples most likely met online, two of these couples met through mutual friends, and the five or six couples remaining met somewhere else.

The Knot, a popular wedding website, surveyed over 10,000 recently married couples and asked how they met.

Keep in mind this study shares statistics for both Christians and non-Christians, but we’ll discuss how to find a husband if you’re looking for a man of God, and the best place to meet other single, Christian men.

But while these may be the best places to meet a husband, it’s important to let God guide you and to show you exactly where you’ll meet your husband.

How to find a husband online

Many couples meet online nowadays, including Christian couples. I have several married friends that met through online dating sites or from swiping left and right on dating apps.

According to the knot survey, about 22 percent of spouses are now meeting online.

But just because one in four couples meets online doesn’t mean you’ll find your husband online.

How do you know if online dating is right for you?

Online dating isn't for everyone, and not everyone meets their spouse online even after spending hours swiping left and right.

When looking for a husband, it’s important to pray and seek God’s guidance to help you determine if you should pursue online dating.

Pray and ask God if you should be on the dating sites or apps, and if so, which ones.

God promises to direct our steps, so pray for God to speak to you if this is something you should pursue.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” – Psalm 32:8 NIV

If you don't have peace about online dating, don't do it. But if you feel God leading you down that path, go for it girl.

When I was single as a new Christian, after hearing how one of my close friends had met her husband online, I prayed and asked God if I should go back on the dating apps.

I had been on the apps before, and had only gotten frustrated with all the online dating rejection I had been experiencing. But back then I wasn't dating in a way that honored God.

As I prayed for God to speak to me personally about online dating, I didn't get any indication or prompting that I should be on them.

I didn't have the desire to be on them, and I didn't feel like God was leading me down that path.

So I honored God and stayed off the apps, and if you've read my God-written love story on the blog, you know that I ended up meeting my husband in church.

Dating apps weren't part of God's plan to meet my husband, but God's plan for you may be different.

Pray and trust that God will show you if you're meant to pursue online dating to meet your husband.

If you feel led to pursue online dating, which dating sites or apps should you use?

If you feel like God is calling you to pursue online dating, the next question you probably have is, ‘which dating site or app should I use? And do I have to use only Christian dating sites?’

Not all dating sites are created equal, and since you want to date someone who also loves God and who you will be equally yoked with, it’s important to be able to find other eligible Christian men to date.

You can use an app or website specifically for Christians, or you can use one of the larger dating apps as long as you are make it clear you’re only willing to date and marry someone who also loves God.

According to SFGATE and Healthy Framework, these are the best dating apps and websites specifically for Christians:

  • Christian Café
  • Christian Mingle
  • Christian Connection
  • Higher Bond
  • Christian Cupid

Below are other notable dating sites that allow you to state your faith and spiritual preferences that can match you with other men who share the same beliefs.

  • eHarmony
  • Zoosk
  • Match

What about the other well known dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, or Coffee Meets Bagel?

Based on my research, these dating apps didn’t make the list for the best Christian dating sites, but it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

I have Christian friends who have found their husband through some of these apps, but if you choose to use these well-known secular dating apps, make sure you are asking intentional questions to see if a guy is strong in his faith.

Just because a guy says he’s a Christian doesn’t mean he has an actual relationship with God or that he is a true follower of Christ.

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions to find out if a guy loves God and lives his life for God like you do.

Finding a husband through mutual friends

Leveraging the network of friends and family that you already know can be another way to find a husband.

According to The Knot study, about 19 percent of couples met through mutual friends, or where a friend introduced them.

Since this means that about one in five couples meet through mutual friends, keep this in mind when you’re tempted to stay home when your friend invites you to a birthday party or other social gathering.

You never know who you could meet at a friend’s party. And meeting someone through mutual friends already ensures a connection since you have a mutual interest in the friend.

It’s like when you meet someone at a wedding, and you immediately ask, ‘how do you know the bride or groom?’

Same rule applies when you meet a cute stranger at a friend’s party—you already have your mutual friend to talk about.

And even if you’ve never met before, your friend can vouch for who they are as a person, as opposed to meeting a stranger on the internet.

Since a wedding is a gathering of mutual friends, finding a husband at a wedding would fall into this category.

Don’t be afraid to show up to a friend’s party or a wedding solo without a date, and keep your eye out for other men who don’t look like they have a date (or a wedding ring on their finger yet).

And don’t be shy to tell other married couples, ‘I want a husband’. If you are open and honest with the fact that you are looking for a husband, you never know who these married couples know, and who they can set you up with.

How to find a husband at work or school

Can you find a husband at work?

Depending on where you work, and how often you actually see your coworkers in person these days, the workplace can be another great place to meet single men.

According to The Knot survey, about 13 percent of couples said they met through work, either as colleagues or at a work-related event.

But even if you work with other men, should you date someone you work with?

As long as you don’t work directly with the person, and you aren’t violating any company policies, it is possible to date someone at work.

For example, maybe you meet a guy who works in an entirely different department than you do, or maybe you meet someone at a company party.

You never know who you could meet at work.

What about finding a husband at school?

According to the knot survey, about 17 percent of couples met at school, like in college or grad school.

Meeting a guy on campus or at the library should automatically give you plenty to talk about.

What are you studying? When do you graduate? What are you involved with on campus?

If you meet a cute guy in class, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, or at least ask if he needs a study buddy.

This means that about one in every three couples met at either school or work, making school or work a great place to meet a husband.

How to find a husband at church

If you are looking for a godly husband, then exploring all opportunities to meet a guy at church is a great way to find a husband.

The best place to find a husband is where other eligible, single men hang out, and if you’re looking for a godly husband, church should be your #1 starting place when looking for a husband.

I met my husband at church while serving on the same volunteer team, and I know several other couples who have met at church.

But how can you meet a guy at church?

Can you expect to meet a guy in the lobby before or after service starts?

While you can make an effort to be social and to meet people after service in the lobby, the best way to find a husband at church is to get involved in something and do it consistently.

The more involved you are at church, the more people you’ll meet along the way, and this could include finding your future husband.

And whether you meet more single men at church, the more people you meet expands your personal network which opens you up to meeting more single men through mutual friends.

Ways to find a husband at church

  1. Consider attending service at a different time each week to meet new men
  2. Join a volunteer or serving team
  3. Attend a co-ed connect group or Bible study group
  4. Find out if the church has co-ed social groups or other ministries to meet other singles (singles group, missions outreach, business groups)
  5. Consider checking out services or events at another campus of your local church
  6. Consider going to services or events at other local churches in your area

Not all churches have a ton of singles in the church population, so if you attend a church that doesn’t have a ton of young, single people around, pray and consider if you should switch churches altogether, or what events you can attend at other churches to expand the potential single men you meet.

How to find a husband in a social group or meetup

Remember when you were in school, and you met lots of people playing sports or through other clubs?

Well, the same strategies for meeting new people can still apply as an adult. There are so many ways you could find a husband through social groups like sports leagues, meetups, and clubs.

Ways to find a husband through social groups

  1. Volunteer for a good cause
  2. Join a sports league (beach volleyball anyone?)
  3. Join a hiking group or fitness group
  4. Find a meetup for a hobby or something you enjoy in your local area using
  5. Take a cooking class or sign up for a class to learn a skill that you’re passionate about

When looking for a husband, don’t be afraid to check out a new group or meetup in your area alone. You usually end up meeting more people when you show up alone because it forces you to talk and introduce yourself to new people.

How to get a husband at the gym

If you're a fitness lover, finding a husband at the gym or other fitness center that you like to work out is a great place to find a husband.

If you work out or enjoy a certain type of work out, like CrossFit or a spin class, you automatically have something in common.

And since fitness and health becomes an important habit and lifestyle, it's important to find a husband that is on the same page.

If you work out and take care of your body, chances are that you are also looking for a husband who stays in shape. And vice versa. 

Don't be afraid to rock your sweaty ponytail at the gym and engage in conversation with men that you may meet.

How to find a husband at local hangouts in your neighborhood

How often do you hang out in local spots around your neighborhood and strike up a conversation with a guy you don't know?

Perhaps you love a cute coffee shop like me, or maybe you prefer to hang out in a café or your favorite burger bar down the street.

Local places in your neighborhood that you like to hang out at can be a great way to meet your husband.

Local places in your neighborhood where you could find a husband

  1. Coffee shops
  2. Restaurants
  3. Sports bars
  4. The beach
  5. The park

I’ve met several new people, including men, while sitting and being open to engaging in conversation at coffee shops.

When I was single, I got asked out the most by men that I met on the beach near my house, or that I met at coffee shops.

You could meet your husband anywhere at anytime, and your husband is out there living his life, going to the gym or to the grocery store just like you.

One of my friend's met her boyfriend at a car dealership when she was looking for a new car. 

Another one of my friends from high school found her husband at Starbucks, and they are happily married with two kids.

If you like sports, consider watching a game at a local pub or sports bar. Sports bars or restaurants can be a great place to meet other single men.

But should you try and find a husband at a bar?

It depends on the bar.

If you’re still into partying and going out clubbing on the weekends, this is not a good way to find a husband.

If you enjoy going to more casual bars where people can eat or watch a sports game and still act like civilized adults, then this can be a great way to find a husband by striking up conversation with other men at the bar.

But if you start to rely too much on alcohol to strike up a conversation with someone, trying to find a husband at a bar may not be the best place to meet a man of God.

Finding a husband at conferences or concerts

A conference or concert is another great place to find a husband.

These types of venues attract a lot of people with a shared interest, so you automatically have something in common if you meet a guy at a conference or concert.

For example, if you meet someone at a Hillsong Worship concert, you can start talking about your favorite songs, or which song is speaking to you the most in this season.

And if you attend a conference or concert that is faith-based or specifically for Christians? This will help you meet other eligible godly men who you could potentially date.

What is the Best Age to Find a Husband?

Maybe you wanted to be married by now, or maybe you have an ideal age where you want to get married and then start having kids.

In college, I remember my friends and I always talked about the ideal age we wanted to get married and settle down.

“I want a husband and want to get married by 26, and then have a baby by 28.”

I didn’t get married until I was 31, and looking back, there was no way I was ready to get married by the “ideal age” that I had envisioned growing up.

So what is the best age to find a husband?

According to a wedding study conducted by The Knot in 2021, the average age for marriage for women is 33, and the average age for men is 35.

Their study found that the average age of marriage has been steadily increasing over the last decade, and that the average age that women and men get married can vary by region, or even state.

The Knot’s average age seems a bit high compared to some other sources. Other websites like ReGain and estimate that the average age for women and men to get married is about 27 years for women, and 29 for men.

But if you were to ask God the best age to find a husband, I think he would say something like:

'The best age is the age where you are ready to meet your husband, and you are confident in who you are as a woman of God.'

If you haven’t found your husband yet and you are past these average ages, don’t panic.

Trust that God hasn’t forgotten about you, and that he is going to bring you and your husband together in his perfect timing.

How to Find a Husband After 35

If you’re over 35 and are wondering, ‘how do I find a husband after 35?’, you can follow the same strategies and tips above for finding a husband.

And thanks to demographic information with online dating, if you are looking to date someone in a similar age range as you, you can search and filter so you don’t match with men who are too young (or even too old).

But finding a husband after 35 introduces some more important questions to add to the mix to make sure you’re on the same page.

Do you want kids? Are you okay with marrying someone who’s divorced or who already has kids? And what does dating someone look like when you come from blended families with kids, post-divorce?

If you’re looking for a husband after 35, it’s important to remember to let God guide you, and to not be afraid to ask intentional questions to get to know someone.

If you’re part of a local church, ask your church if they have connect groups or other ministries specifically for adults over 30.

You never know how many other singles are out there who are looking to connect (and date) someone else their own age.

Prayer to Find a Husband - I Want a Husband God

If you’ve been hoping to find a husband, I want to invite you to join the free, 14-day future husband prayer challenge.

This challenge will guide you through daily prayers, devotions, and scriptures to pray over yourself & your future husband that will give you more peace as you see that God is in control, and that he is doing everything he can to find you a husband.

You can also download my free future husband prayer guide for 5 prayers to pray over your future husband.

Or if you want a quick prayer to find a husband, pray the prayer below.

Prayer to Find a Husband

God, you know the desires of my heart, and that I want a husband. I surrender my desire to find a husband to you. I thank you God that you are in control, and that you will bring me and my husband together.

Guide me on this dating journey as I step out in faith to meet other single men. Show me where I’m going to meet my husband, and how I can position myself to find my husband. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

With Love,