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trusting God with your future husband

Trusting God with Your Love Life

Is it possible to trust God with your love life? Can the same God who wrote the greatest love stories in the Bible orchestrate Christian love stories for women today who live in a complicated, crazy dating world?

God has and will always be the ultimate matchmaker. He is the author of all of the best love stories in the Bible and he is still the greatest author of Christian love stories today.

Trusting God with your love life isn't easy, but as you see how God wrote all the love stories in the Bible and how he wrote my love story, my hope is that you'll be filled with faith that God is writing your godly love story too.

This is my waiting on God for a husband testimony, and I pray that you have your own Godly love story to share one day too.

Love Stories in the Bible

The Bible is full of godly love stories and several examples of how God did the miraculous and brought unlikely couples together, many couples who were part of the lineage of Jesus.

It doesn't take long before we see romance in the Bible. The first love story in the Bible started with Adam and Eve, where God shows that he made Eve to be a helper for Adam. They were literally made for each other as God made Eve out of Adam’s rib. And God created them for a specific purpose in his kingdom to be man and wife.

Fast forward to Jesus, who we know came from Mary and Joseph. Do you know how many love stories God had to write over all those years to make the birth of Jesus possible? If you’ve read some of these love stories in the Bible already, you know they were not as simple as swiping right on Bumble and love at first sight.

We have the story of Rahab who was a former prostitute who married Salmon. Before they got married, she was bold and risked her life by hiding spies in her apartment. The Israelites, including her future husband, walked around her city until the walls came crashing down. The Israelites spared her life because she had helped them and then she married Salmon.

Do you know how many things could have gone wrong in this godly love story? How many miracles God had to orchestrate for this couple to get together?! They defeated all odds and ended up together and God used their marriage as part of the lineage of Christ.

Then we have Ruth, who lost her husband and boldly chose to follow her mother-in-law to a land she had never been before away from her family. She clung to her faith in God and trusted her life in Naomi’s hands. And boy did God ever reward her.

She sought after God first, worked hard, obeyed her mother-in-law and God provided her not only with a husband but with a Boaz. They met at work, while gathering wheat, and he was her family redeemer. She obeyed Naomi’s crazy plan to lay at his feet when he was sleeping and the rest was history. Boaz put a ring on it and God also used their marriage as part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

We also have Abraham and Sarah. Hosea and Gomer. And then the famous Mary and Joseph who gave birth to Jesus.

Whoever said the Bible was boring clearly didn’t read these love stories in the Bible. God is the author and matchmaker of the greatest love stories. And while he wrote all these love stories for Jesus, he is writing your godly love story too.

If he sent his only son to die for you, he loves you so much and is writing your love story with extra precision. He adores his children and wants us to glorify him in Godly marriages.

How can you trust God with your love life & to write your love story?

While we live in a world today where people are swiping right in hopes of meeting their future spouse, it is still possible to trust God with your love life. The person we marry is the second biggest decision we will ever make after deciding to surrender our life to Jesus.

If we can trust God with the little things in our life, don’t you think he wants us to trust him with our future husband? If he orchestrated all those godly love stories for women of faith in the Bible, why wouldn’t he do it again for you?

My Own God Written Love Story - My Waiting on God for a Husband Testimony

As someone who was single for the majority of my life and most of my 20s, God made it pretty clear that I was not going to find my future husband without him. As I talk about in my book, One Transforming Love, I was sick of trying to find a decent guy in all the bars I used to go to and was fed up with the games guys played on the dating apps.

When I decided to go all in and surrendered my life to Jesus, I also surrendered my desires for marriage to God and told God I would do it his way and that he was in control. I told him I was sick of meeting guys that didn’t respect me and that I wanted to meet someone that also loved God.

As I talk about in my blog post, Why I Chose Not to Have Sex Before MarriageI committed to God that I wouldn’t have sex again until I was married because I wanted to honor God’s design for sex in a covenant of marriage.

And I told God that I would only date someone that also loved him. God showed me that it was so important to be equally yoked in dating and in marriage and that I shouldn't date a guy if he didn't have a relationship with God.

So I knew I needed God to bring me and my future husband together and I knew that this would be the ultimate miracle.

Shortly after joining my volunteer team at church, I started to notice this cute Asian guy on the team. He was pretty attractive and friendly but what stood out was his love for God and his love for others.

He would pray over the team and it was the most beautiful and sexiest thing I had ever seen. He was also great with people and I could tell he really cared about making people feel welcome and encouraging the team.

So I started to pray to God, hoping that this cute Asian would ask me out. I tried talking to him a lot and always made a point to say hi and ask how his week was. Some weeks he was warm and friendly and other weeks he barely said a word.

Click here to download a free prayer guide, Prayers for Your Future Husband, that includes the bible verses and prayers I prayed over my future husband.

I wanted to get coffee with him SO BAD just to get to know him better but I wanted him to ask me out. While my friends around me told me to just ask him out, I knew he was supposed to be the leader and pursuer in the relationship so I waited. I knew deep down that he was supposed to be the one to ask me out first.

I waited, prayed and waited some more. 

So what promises can you pray as you trust God with your love life?

How can you pray as you wait on God to bring you your husband?

As the desires grew stronger for my Asian crush at church, my impatience and frustrations would also grow as the year went on and I saw no progress.

Sometimes I would cry out to God, “God, why do I even like this Asian guy when he doesn’t even seem interested or talk to me all that much? What else am I supposed to do?”

After about 9 months of liking this guy and still waiting, I got so frustrated that I decided to let this dream go. I fully surrendered it to God in tears, thinking it was never going to happen.

Even though I was waiting on him to ask me out, I realized I was still trying to make things happen by purposefully positioning myself around him. I knew how powerful words can be and was careful not to say that I gave up and for God to change my heart for this man.

In tears sitting on my floor, I told God I couldn’t feel this way anymore and that I was not going to do anything to try and force things. I chose to declare and stand on God’s promises and kept declaring these promises over my heart.

“Seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and he will provide your every need.” (Matthew 6:33)

I prayed and declared Matthew 6:33 the most when I was waiting for God to move. This verse kept me going on those Sundays where I knew I would see him and didn’t want to get my hopes up again.

I reminded myself to keep focusing on God and serving where I was and that he would provide my every need, including my future husband.

 “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” (Psalm 37:4)

I also stood on Psalm 37:4 and that God gives us his desires when we seek him. I also prayed that I would only have desires for my future husband. That if this Asian guy was not my future husband, that God would take my desires away.

“Then the Lord said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper who is just right for him.’” (Genesis 2:18)

I declared God’s design for the man to be the leader and that my future husband would take the lead and ask me out. I reminded myself that God created men to be the leader in the relationship and I decided that I was not going to ask him out, no matter what people told me around me.

I knew my Asian crush was a leader at church and if he was the one, he would be the leader in our relationship as well. I told God that I wanted a man that would know how to communicate with me and who would pursue me.

I prayed to God that my future husband would be confident and would take the lead to ask me out and that I wouldn’t have to question his intentions or whether he was interested.

More scriptures to pray as you trust God with your love life

If you want to be reminded that God is faithful, and that he is bringing you and your future husband together, declare God's Word and His promises over your life with these scripture cards for single women.

The biggest thing you can do in this season as you wait is to declare and pray God's Word over your life and over your future husband.

These scripture cards will remind you of what God says about being single, and your desires for marriage.

Whenever you need a boost of faith, declare these Bible verses and affirmations to keep believing that God is writing your own love story.

So how did God answer these prayers? How did he write my own Christian love story?

After a year of waiting, praying and many tears, I saw a shift within myself. I no longer felt frustrated or like I had to do something to get him to ask me out. I had fully surrendered it to God and I knew God was in control.

When I did this, I had complete peace with the situation despite the feelings that I still had for my Asian crush. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulder that I was never intended to carry.

I felt more confident that God’s plans and timing were perfect and that he would be faithful with his promises and would bring me my future husband in his own time.

I also started seeing a shift between me and my Asian crush. He started talking to me more. He started respecting me more on our volunteer team. He started asking for my help. He started appreciating me more.

And then the craziest thing happened. My Asian crush actually started pursuing me! We were at our volunteer team Christmas party and he was making an effort to talk to me all night and even walked me to my car.

I almost hit the truck parked next to me I was so flustered. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE MY ASIAN CRUSH IS SITTING NEXT TO ME IN MY CAR RIGHT NOW. GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Like any love sick woman, I woke up the next morning with knots in my stomach like I was in third grade all over again crushing on the cute guy on the playground.

I picked up my vision card that I had filled out at the beginning of 2019 to revisit what I had wrote. I had written that God would reveal and bring me my future husband. There were less than two weeks left in 2019 but I knew God could do anything.

So I did what I always did while I waited for God. I prayed and turned to his word.

"God, we’ve already been through this. You know how I feel. I trust you to confirm my feelings and whether he’s the one." 

I picked up the Bible and was inspired by the story of Ruth in the Bible (I told you this was such a good love story). While I knew I wasn’t going to ask him out, I decided to be bold like Ruth when she laid at the feet of Boaz on the threshing floor.

When writing my crush's Christmas card, I knew I couldn’t write I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU AND HAVE HAD A CRUSH ON YOU ALL YEAR so I wrote encouraging words from the Bible.

I wrote that my crush reminded me of Boaz because he was such an honorable man of God with such integrity and prominence in everything he did. He texted me afterwards saying that the words really spoke to him and that he appreciated me but didn’t say anything over the top. Still, it was the kindest thing he had said to me all year.

A few weeks later, I found myself standing next to him at our church’s NYE service. We were up front worshipping God together and then he left his brother to come sit next to me during the service where we prayed and prophesied into our 2020 futures together.

He officially started pursuing me that night and from NYE, it was clear that he was pursuing me and wanted to get to know me.

Now 9 months later, we can see that God was faithful and heard all our prayers. God did bring me and reveal my future husband in 2019 and confirmed it when my crush started pursuing me on NYE, the very last day of 2019.

Jeff then proposed on May 31, 2020 and we got married on September 19, 2020. 

This is my waiting on God for a husband testimony.

My crush had been praying for his future wife for 5 years. What I didn’t know then, was that my crush had been going through a big transition at work last year and it wasn’t a good time for him to date or start a relationship.

When I gave him his Christmas card, he said it really encouraged him but that he didn’t think anything else of it. His mom was in town, a strong woman of faith. She read the card and told him that I admired him. So they prayed to God together that God would confirm whether I was the one. And he did.

While I waited for my crush to ask me out for a year, God brought us together in his perfect timing and accelerated our relationship. I would have never imagined we would now be married after praying and waiting for him for so long. 

God is writing your love story

God wrote my love story and he is writing yours. You can trust God with your love life and wait on God to bring you your husband because he loves you so much and wants to bring you the man he already has picked out for you. 

Despite your background, despite the obstacles, despite whatever the odds - nothing is impossible for God!

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Prayers for Your Future Husband & Christian Love Story

Want more prayers to pray over your future husband? 

Praying for our future husbands is powerful. It doesn't matter if God has already revealed who your future hubby is or if you are still waiting on God to bring you your man, prayer is one of the best things we can do to support our future husbands.

Click on the image below or click here to access my free prayer guide on Praying For Your Future Husband where I include the top 5 scriptures and prayers I pray regularly over my boyfriend.

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