The 10 Best Bible Accessories for Bible Study

spiritual growth Jan 21, 2022
10 Best Bible Accessories for Bible Study

Bible study shouldn’t be boring. While it’s most important to have a good Bible that you like, there are plenty of other Bible study accessories that will help you make the most out of your Bible study.

If you want to maximize your time reading the Bible, check out these 10 must-have Bible accessories that will help you grow closer to God as you study the Bible.

What Supplies Do You Need for Bible Study?

The Bible is the #1 Bible accessory you need to study the Bible, along with an open heart to be willing to hear from God.

But there are other Bible accessories that can help you study the Bible in more depth, and make your time in the Bible a bit more organized and fun. 

10 Bible Study Accessories to Make the Most Out of Bible Study

  • A Bible you like
  • A Bible study or reading plan to follow
  • Bible highlighters to make studying extra colorful
  • Bible pens that won't bleed through the pages
  • A journal to write how God speaks to you
  • A devotional you like
  • Bible tabs to stay organized
  • Christian bookmarks
  • Christian books to enhance your learning
  • Scripture cards to meditate on Bible verses

Best Bible Accessories Must Have #1 – A Bible You Like

Having a Bible to read is the most important Bible accessory when it comes to Bible study.

And having a Bible that you actually like will help you get the most out of your time with God.

Since it can be so easy to get distracted when reading the Bible, I highly recommend using a physical Bible.

A physical Bible also allows you to highlight and underline Bible verses or scriptures that jump out at you so you can refer back to them when you need to.

My top Bible recommendation – the CSB study Bible for women

I use the CSB study Bible for women and I’m in LOVE with this Bible.

It’s a study Bible designed specifically for women, and highlights different women from the Bible throughout.

Since it’s a study Bible, it provides additional context about certain scriptures and passages on the bottom of each page.

It also includes an index at the back where I can look up different topics or women in the Bible and locate where they are discussed in the Bible.

Compared to other Bible translations, I enjoy the CSB translation and find it easy to understand.

Other ways to read the Bible

You can also read the Bible digitally on your phone or on a computer.

The Bible Reading App has become very popular to read different translations on your phone, as well as for following different Bible reading plans.

Did you know that you can also listen to the Bible?

Use the audible app to listen to the Bible on the go.

For other tips on how to read the Bible and which Bible translation you should choose, check out how to read the Bible and where to start reading the Bible.

Best Bible Study Accessories Must Have #2 – A Bible Study or Bible Reading Plan to Follow

Now that you have a Bible that you like, having a Bible study or Bible reading plan to follow will help you show up consistently to read and get the most out of your Bible reading.

Bible studies and Bible reading plans come in various types and forms, but I highly recommend using a Bible study book if you want to get serious about studying the Bible, and if you want to develop a personal relationship with God.

My top Bible study recommendation – Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer

This Bible study changed my life. If you want to truly understand who God is, and how he wants to speak to you, this is one of the best Bible study accessories you can get.


Before I did this Bible study, I struggled to read the Bible. I got frustrated because the scriptures were never making sense, and it felt like I wasn’t even reading English at times.

Discerning the Voice of God not only taught me how to read the Bible, but how God can speak to us as we study the Bible.

I learned all about the Holy Spirit, and how he guides us personally as we face everyday life.

If you want to learn how to hear God’s voice in your life, or if you want to get in a consistent routine of studying the Bible, this is the Bible study for you my friend.

I surrendered my entire life to Jesus Christ while reading this Bible study it had that big of an impact on my life.

Grab your copy of Discerning the Voice of God

Free Downloadable Bible Reading Plans

You can also download Bible reading plans from the internet, and most of them are available for free.

At Fun & Holy, we have several Bible reading plans you can download to study different books and stories in the Bible for the following:

  • Ephesians
  • Ruth
  • Philippians
  • Joseph’s story in Genesis
  • 1 John
  • Rahab’s story in Joshua
  • Paul’s story in the book of Acts

Download these Bible reading plans for free and start studying the book that God highlights to you today.

Best Bible Accessories Must Have #3 – A Devotional

I start off reading the Bible each morning with a devotional.

A devotional can typically be read in 5-10 minutes, and can consist of a Bible verse to reflect on, a devotion or summary of how the author applies that verse to their life, and a prayer.

Reading a devotional book is like the warm-up to reading the actual Bible.

It’s a great way to start off reading, but you don’t want to only read the Bible, or stop before you get to reading the Bible.

While devotionals contain scripture and other content from God’s Word, devotionals should not replace reading the actual Bible itself.

Reading about someone else’s revelations from God do not compare to experiencing a revelation from God yourself.

And the best way to hear from God personally is to read the actual Bible.

My top picks for women’s devotionals

Awaken by Priscilla Shirer

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs

100 Days of Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels

Focus by Cleere Cherry Reaves

God, You, & The Ocean Blue – A 40-Day Summer Devotional by Erin Elise Kiu

If you want devotions that will make you feel like you’re on the beach, this is the devotional for you.

Learn how to rest and enjoy your time on vacation or during the Summer.

Available as a downloadable, digital pdf devotional.

Best Bible Study Accessories Must Have #4 – Bible Highlighters

I spent years reading the Bible before I realized that there were Bible highlighters and Bible pens made specifically for studying the Bible.

For years I had used normal highlighters, but they had bled through the thinner Bible pages, showing up on the back of the page.

But thanks to these genius Bible study accessories, I can now highlight scriptures in the Bible without leaking!

Best Bible Study Accessories Must Have #5 – Bible Pens

If you like to underline or circle words that jump out at you when reading the Bible, these Bible pens are a must.


And praise God these Bible pens don't bleed through the pages!

Best Bible Accessories Must Have #6 – A Journal

A journal is a must-have bible accessory for Bible study. How else are you going to record how God speaks to you, or remember all the revelations he gives you?

I’m a writer, so I love to journal, but I’ve found that God speaks to me the most when I take the time to journal.

Some mornings, I feel more rushed and don’t write down what I learned, and then it’s easy to forget what I read that morning.

But when I write the things down that jumped out at me, it’s like the Holy Spirit is writing those verses or revelations on my heart.

And the best part about journaling is looking back and reading how God has spoken to me over the years.

Nothing builds our faith like remembering all the God stories that God has already done for us personally.

You can also write down your prayers in a journal.

There are prayer journals with prompts to journal or reflect on certain topics, but it’s most important to find a journal, and a strategy for journaling that works best for you.

If you only like to journal for five minutes a day, go for it.

Or maybe some days you feel like journaling for hours, not in a rush because God has put so much on your heart.

When you take the time to journal how God is speaking to you through Bible study, you won’t be disappointed.

My top picks for Christian journals


Click on the images above to shop on Amazon

Prayer Journals


Best Bible Accessories Must Have #7 – Christian Bookmarks

With all the studying you’re going to do, Christian bookmarks are Bible accessories that will help you stay organized, and bring some more color to your Bible time.

My favorite Christian bookmarks have Bible verses or scriptures on them, and I love getting bookmarks for each season of the year.

If you love the beach like me, or want bookmarks for summer, you’ll love these Christian bookmarks from Fun & Holy.

And don’t forget to get some Christmas bookmarks around the holidays for yourself and all your other Bible-reading friends.

Best Bible Study Accessories Must Have #8 – Bible Tabs

Bible tabs are becoming one of the more popular Bible study accessories to have during Bible study.

Keep your Bible organized and easily flip to books in the Bible with Bible tabs.

Each bible tab will typically have the name of each book in the Bible on it, so you can locate it quickly when going through the Bible.

Bible tabs are also known as index tabs.

Best Bible Accessories Must Have #9 – Christian Books

While no book replaces the Bible itself as the main way God wants to speak to us, you can enhance your understanding in a certain topic by reading Christian books.

For example, when I was learning what the Bible said about sex before marriage and purity, I devoured purity books and other Christian dating books that helped me understand what the Bible said in more detail.

And when I got to read about how others had overcome the same things I was struggling with, it inspired me and gave me hope that God could help me overcome my past.

If you’re looking for a good book to read in addition to your Bible, here are my top book recommendations for women.

Top Christian book recommendations

Click on the images above to shop on Amazon

If you’re looking for more Christian book recommendations, check out Christian books for women for books that every Christian woman should read.

And if you want to real my own testimony of how God transformed my life, check out One Transforming Love for a Christian Fiction novel unlike anything you've ever read.

Best Bible Accessories Must Have #10 – Scripture Cards

Scripture cards are becoming one of my favorite Bible accessories to enhance my Bible study time.

When I first started reading the Bible, I wrote down Bible verses on index cards to start memorizing scripture.

But I realized that having scripture cards with different Bible verses help me in every season that I go through.

When I was single and praying to God for my future husband, I repeated the same Bible verses and prayers over and over again that reminded me that God is faithful.

These scriptures and prayers renewed my strength so much that I created a set of scripture cards for single women for those ladies that are trusting God with their future husband.

If God has already brought you your husband, check out some of my other favorite scripture cards.

Which Bible Accessories Help You Study the Bible?

So there you have it. My top 10 Bible accessories for Bible study.

But remember, the most important Bible accessory is your actual Bible, and an open heart to listen and hear how God wants to speak to you.

And if you’re ready to study the Bible, don’t forget to download these free Bible reading plans to study different books and stories in the Bible.

Do You Want to Grow Closer to God But Not Sure Where to Start?

If you want to strengthen your relationship with God, download the free, Spiritual Goals Worksheet for examples of how you can grow closer to God.

This worksheet includes examples of how you can spend more time with God, and space for you to define your own goals.

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